The hype is real

The dogs and goats say Jesse is a good source of treats
He was AMAZING. One of the best speakers we have ever had. He really hit the mark well with us.  It was a powerful end to a great couple of days of speakers." - Janssen
"Jesse was absolutely fantastic. Great ideas, great presentation, terrific speaking style. He was also very down to earth and approachable." - Adastra
"His presentation was entertaining, engaging, provocative (as we requested) and very, very well received. He started a twitter discussion with his points, points that we are repeating in our conference summary and in the follow up action plan from the conference." - SSHRC
"Listening to him on the radio is one thing, but to see him in person and to hear what he has to say on the use of technology and social media by public servants and the public in general was really thought provoking and eye opening. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was talking about it at the breaks, over lunch, and likely when they returned home to their families." - Health Canada
Exceptional. This was one of the most inspiring and engaging classes I have ever taken in my academic career. Supportive, informative, funny, and thought-provoking, Jesse shone as an instructor. He made everyone feel welcome. After each piece of input or comment from a student, Jesse took the time to applaud, analyze, and assess the information. Brilliant. There was no comparison this term regarding class engagement - everyone wanted to participate. The 'news of the week' portion at the beginning of the class was dynamic and exciting. I looked forward to Thursdays every week. Jesse, the 'librarian', also took the time to give us career advice. This was taken to heart by many of us. This class is a testament to the value of redefining the boundaries of a seminar. I wish we had Jesse throughout our entire program. Bring him back indefinitely to teach this class.

this course was great. Jesse allowed us to have a sandbox of learning. It was aimless, like floating on a breeze, and that was the best way for this to be delivered. Jesse basically allowed us to have an expert Q and A about anything we wanted (pertaining to the subject matter of the course). We could bring what we wanted into class, and he would expand our horizons on it. This not only allowed us to have a more engaged role in what we learned, but it democratized the process and allowed me to explore many areas other students brought up that probably would not have made it into a set piece curriculum. Not to mention, he is wicked smaht. Whenever I was set in my angle on a topic, Jesse had a way of disrupting that to make me at least consider another viewpoint, or change my view completely. Way to go Jesse!