The hype is real

The dogs and goats say Jesse is a good source of treats
"He was AMAZING. One of the best speakers we have ever had. He really hit the mark well with us.  It was a powerful end to a great couple of days of speakers." - Janssen
"Jesse was absolutely fantastic. Great ideas, great presentation, terrific speaking style. He was also very down to earth and approachable." - Adastra
"His presentation was entertaining, engaging, provocative (as we requested) and very, very well received. He started a twitter discussion with his points, points that we are repeating in our conference summary and in the follow up action plan from the conference." - SSHRC
"Listening to him on the radio is one thing, but to see him in person and to hear what he has to say on the use of technology and social media by public servants and the public in general was really thought provoking and eye opening. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was talking about it at the breaks, over lunch, and likely when they returned home to their families." - Health Canada