Who is Jesse Hirsh?

Jesse Hirsh on August 16 2022 on CTV's The Social

Jesse is a futurist, speaker, consultant, and goatherd who brings an outsider's perspective and literal critical distance, operating from his farm in rural Eastern Ontario. Yet this is no ordinary farm. Wired up with high speed fibre optic Internet, the Academy of the Impossible engages in a wide range of research regarding agriculture, media, technology, and culture.

With almost 30 years of professional experience as a public speaker, facilitator, and broadcaster, Jesse can perform in any media environment, stage, office, or virtual world. His passion for media extends into the world of technology, and he is best known for his knack for translating the bleeding edge of tech into the practical world of business and civil society.

Jesse has an infectious energy that lifts spirits and enables creative thinking. He’s always learning, sharing, and helping others to do the same.

As a Futurist Jesse has had the privilege of working with and across a wide range of sectors and industries. This has involved working with senior sectoral leadership and companies, helping them understand the opportunities and challenges they face, while also helping them articulate their vision and value proposition moving forward. Jesse has spent time researching the future of these industries while collaborating with individuals and organizations that are transforming them.