Toronto Bitcoin Summit 2013


On October 24th at the Academy of the Impossible I'll be hosting the Toronto Bitcoin Summit, a diverse gathering of highly engaged professionals, and intellectuals, interested in sharing and learning about peer to peer digital currencies. In particular we'll be focusing on Bitcoins, but we'll also talk about similar systems like Litecoins, as well as theoretical and emerging systems that participants feel are relevant.

We've already attracted an interesting range of registrants, and sponsors are starting to sign up to help support this event, and showcase the work they're doing. We're hoping to bring together people with a range of views on these new currencies, from the novice on up, so that we can explore the subject matter from as many perspectives as possible.

Participation in the event costs 0.25 BTC, although there are a select number of spots available for people who want to cover the event as media, whether mainstream or otherwise.

I've been researching and covering the rise of digital currencies for a long time, and I'm really looking forward to this event as a place to further synthesize and advance our thinking on the matter. If you or someone you know can contribute to this discussion please apply to join the summit, we'd love to have you.

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