I Know Who Ouimet Really Is

Now that I've updated my website, my plan is to round out my blog by writing more reviews and bring to your attention sites and resources that I find particularly interesting or valuable.

One site in particular is the Tea Makers, which is run by Alphonse Ouimet, a pseudonym inspired by a former Canadian Broadcasting Corpoation (CBC) President.

Ouimet's blog is largely concerned with the CBC, and all the many issues, incidents, intrigue, and general intelligence that surrounds its operation.

In any organization or society, gossip plays an important and powerful role, and Ouimet has semi-accidentally setup an intelligence network that provides the readers of the site with incredible insight into the company as a whole.

I can relate to Ouimet's activities, as I myself operate an intelligence network within the CBC. As a freelance journalist I have to, it's the primary means by which I get work, as I need to stay in touch with producers and editors who handle bookings and assignments.

Freelancers are the lowest level of contract employee. We have no guarantees of work, and the system is generally constructed to make it difficult for us to earn a decent living.

Even the Canadian Media Guild (CMG), which is the union that represents CBC people, seemingly cares little about freelancers. Earlier this year I was in contact with them, requesting formal membership (wanting to sign a membership card) as well as expressing interest in getting more involved to help promote the interests of freelancers, and unfortunately I never heard back from them.

Which is why the Tea Makers is such a powerful and important online space. Ouimet provides a unique environment for all CBC members, supporters, enemies, and strangers alike to talk and share intelligence. Perhaps more than any other initiative or internal project Ouimet is demonstrating not only where the future of the organization lies, but also the challenges and obstacles that it will face.

Throughout the entire tenure of the Tea Makers, Ouimet has remained a pseudonym, much to the chagrin of the powers that be and the myriad of people who'd love to see the blog get shut down or disappear.

Theoretically they are a manager in the CBC, as the blog was started during the last lock-out, and claimed to be manning the ship from the inside. Practically however it doesn't really matter who Ouimet is, but rather the role they have to play.

While in the title of this entry I indicate I know who Ouimet really is, I don't actually know them personally, and I certainly would not be able to pick them out of a lineup.

However I know their role, I know their profile, I know the valuable contribution I feel they make on a regular basis. Therefore I am making the assertion that I know who they really are, at least as far as the impact and influence they currently are and will continue to have on the organization. After all, isn't that that's what counts?

I support Ouimet, and I support the work that they do. While I've often posted on the site anonymously, I am here now posting on my own blog under my own name that I think Ouimet is doing a great job. Keep up the great work!

Next time I see you in the elevator I promise I won't react as now that there's CCTV installed there, you never know who might be watching. ;)


I look forward to meeting you at the Nation telecast, Jesse.
Wise choice not to press it about Ouimet's identity.
The power of her blog is due to the anonymity, as you know, but it's her skill as writer and editor that really accounts for the huge audience.

And hey, they didn't spell my name right either!

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