Toronto Bitcoin Summit 2013


On October 24th at the Academy of the Impossible I'll be hosting the Toronto Bitcoin Summit, a diverse gathering of highly engaged professionals, and intellectuals, interested in sharing and learning about peer to peer digital currencies. In particular we'll be focusing on Bitcoins, but we'll also talk about similar systems like Litecoins, as well as theoretical and emerging systems that participants feel are relevant.

We've already attracted an interesting range of registrants, and sponsors are starting to sign up to help support this event, and showcase the work they're doing. We're hoping to bring together people with a range of views on these new currencies, from the novice on up, so that we can explore the subject matter from as many perspectives as possible.

The Future of Authority: Hacking Reality

I was invited to give a TEDx talk at Western University and I decided to present some of the knowledge that has emerged via the Hacking Reality program at the Academy of the Impossible. Explicitly I focused on how the internet impacts our relationship with authority, and as a result our relationship with reality. The opportunity therefore is to hack reality, and demand the impossible.

If you find it entertaining please share widely.

Toronto Star profiles the Academy of the Impossible

Toronto Internet strategist Jesse Hirsh and author Emily Pohl-Weary are hacking real life with their game-changing Academy of the Impossible.

Antonia Zerbisias wrote a glowing profile in the Toronto Star of the work Emily and I do at the Academy of the Impossible. It's refreshing when people understand what we're trying to do, and why. We believe that life long learning is the path to success, and that said learning should be fun and self-directed.

It ends with a quote from me that sums it all up nicely:

Trust in the Age of Transparency

Trust is the chicken soup of social life. It brings us all sorts of good things—from a willingness to get involved in our communities to higher rates of economic growth ( …), to making daily life more pleasant. Yet, like chicken soup, it appears to work somewhat mysteriously. (Uslaner)

I asked Sherida Ryan to host a discussion at the Academy of the Impossible about trust in the age of transparency. Here's the description and video:

New course at the Academy of the Impossible: Getting Paid in the Knowledge Economy

This is a new course I'm offering at the Academy of the Impossible on how to get others to value your knowledge and pay you for it.

The knowledge economy remains a nebulous concept, which makes getting paid in said economy even more difficult. Yet there are growing numbers of people who are getting paid, and not always for the right reasons. In this course we will discuss what the knowledge economy is, who some of the players are, what they do to get paid, and what you can do too.

The Academy of the Impossible is a place where people gather and share knowledge to help empower themselves and their communities.

What we'll cover:

Social Media: How to establish and engage
Media Production: How to make and share media
Speaking and Punditry: How to be more public
Marketing: How to raise your profile
Consulting: How to sell your services
Organizing and Crowdfunding: How to work with others

Hacking Reality at the Academy of the Impossible

Metaviews settled into its new home at the Academy of the Impossible on January 1. Since then, the space has been the setting for regular events in the Hacking Reality series, along with headquarters for our regular Wednesday teleseminars and other professional activities.

“The Future of Health” has been at the top of the agenda in 2012, as we have moved into detailed discussion about existing and future devices designed for medical professionals to diagnose patients, along with apps being produced with the hopes of letting each individual take preventative and therapeutic measures into their own hands.

Some of the other topics we have touched on so far this year include:

Here comes the Academy of the Impossible!? is currently setting up a new project: The Academy of the Impossible, located at 231 Wallace Ave. in the Junction Triangle neighbourhood of Toronto’s downtown west end. It will partly serve as a location for our salons and seminars along with all facets of our daily operations.

The setup for the Academy is a relatively novel one. As an open source social enterprise, it will integrate both for-profit and non-profit enterprises, along with providing a physical touchpoint for our clients and broader community. This will include bringing to life many online ideas that often end up remaining hypothetical — we want to make them feel possible.